Start-Up Cell

Startups are flexible, adaptive that allows everyone to dare a challenge in terms of innovative concepts, innovations, and different business strategies. They get motivation by pushing themselves to take advantage of fresh opportunities. Startups are known for their Flexible thinking in responding fast to market demands and placing a strong emphasis on networking and teamwork. Governments, investors, and well-established companies appreciate the need to encourage the startup ecosystem with initiatives like startup accelerators, incubators, and venture capital investment. The entrepreneurs who take calculated risk would definitely get benefitted from these Startups Policies, all need to be focused, dedicated and loyal to his/her efforts. The workplace dynamics have been altered by startup culture, which places an emphasis on a flat organizational structure that fosters innovation and cross-functional collaboration. Start-up Cell seeks to establish a start-up ecosystem on each of its campus locations in order to encourage young people’s ideas and direct them toward commercialization through the establishment of “Start-ups” to encourage students’ critical thinking and expertise in business via seminars, startup days, creative activities, and contests.

However, entrepreneurs have to take lessons from their failures, adjust their strategies with the help of market feedback, and find a balance between rapid development and operational efficiency.

Startup Team

Faculty In-chargeDr. Md. Safiullah

Startup Cell CoordinatorMoshir Reyaz (9386919916)

Student Representative – Manvee (6203590599)

Student Representative – Md. Asif Pervez