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Legal Drafting & Company Incorporation Support

Mentorship & Training Support for Startups

Uniting startups, mentors, academics for a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with CIILE's dynamic ecosystem. Join forces with visionary mentors, collaborate with esteemed academics, and tap into a network that connects businesses, policymakers, and social influencers. CIILE is your catalyst for innovation, growth, and success in the startup realm. Seize the future, together!

Why We Best in Startup Services

Business Planning

We provide mentorship and networking facility to startups by connecting them to mentors and desired network in the Industry

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Legal Drafting

We connect startups with freelancers for drafting of Agreements and Legal Notices and ensuring legal compliances with regulations and norms of the government

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Events & Workshops

We regularly organise training sessions and workshops for startups, entrepreneurs and SME's to excel in thier businesses.

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